Here's first comedian to feature Obi Cubana in comedy skit

• If asked tomorrow, which skit maker or comedian featured Nigerian businessman Obi Cubana in his comedy skit, don't hesitate to identify Mr Macaroni.

• Also, you shouldn't be told about what happened in Obi Cubana's hometown Oba, Anambra State during his mom Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu's burial on Friday, July 16.

Obi Cubana has been in the news since past few days after the successful lavishing burial of his mom, in his hometown, Oba, Anambra State.

The burial of Ezinne Uche Iyiegbu had everyone asking about the magnanimous display of wealth by Cubana's friends and associates.

So many other people have also derived so much inspiration from what happened during the burial, which simply presents a fact that Obi Cubana is a good man who habours good friends. And he has helped most of those friends in the past.

Now, it was time to pay him back in his own good coin, Obi Cubana received more than he has invested in people over the years.

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However, ValidUpdates has sighted a comedy skit put out online which features the successful business man as well as music executive, Don Jazzy.

Popular Instagram comedian and skit maker, Mr Macaroni has stood out as number one comic personnel who has the Chairman of Cubana Group in his skit.

This skit summarily presents some highlights from what people may have imagined that happened at the burial ceremony. It also threw light on how generous Mr Cubana can be when he finds himself in the midst of his supporters and people.

On the other note, Don Jazzy, who served as the second billionaire in the skit seems to show off his stinginess as he could not afford to open up his wallet generously to entertain his guests.

Meanwhile, dancer Poco Lee also made it to the skit and was left to play a role of thief who stole one of the numerous cows which were donated to Obi Cubana for the mom's burial.

And do you know what happened after Poco Lee, Obi Cubana, Mr Macaroni ate the meat after it was prepared? Watch video below and see for yourself.

SOURCE: ValidUpdates

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