What is the best description to give to your comedy show on YouTube?

Time without number, so many YouTubers tend to copy or use the description of some already popular comedies on the platform to substantiate theirs.

It all come down to getting a USP (Unique Selling Point) and that may be advisable to do with a unique and catchy headline or tittle.

Describing your comedy series on YouTube might seem simple in the eye but that's not so because when someone doesn't think about how the audience or viewers feel about the contents being served to them, it becomes a burden.

When you've identified your comedy serie with a nice headline, then the description of it comes naturally and as mentioned above, think about your viewers.

Short and very simple description is more enough than to make a user who would only need to enjoy your video to assimilate every bit of its lessons to start questioning it.

In a nutshell, describe your YouTube video after you've given it a very catchy, simple and easy to remember headline or tittle.

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