Biography of Hitsound

Joshua Abba Jeremiah, (Born November 11) and better known by his stage name HitSound, is a Nigerian Music Producer & Disk Jockey.

He is popularly known for the tag "Josh made that HitSound, Baby", which always come in the beginning or end of all his music productions.

However, he is best known for producing critically acclaimed Instrumental Remakes and Online YouTube Videos. Production credits include Kolaboy's "They Didn't Caught Me" and "Wire". Djzeeez' "Gang" and "Dey Alright" amongst other unreleased major waves.

Birth Name: Joshua Abba Jeremiah

Origin: Kogi State, Nigeria

Also Known As: HitSound, Beatsamuri

Occupations: Record Producer, Disk Jockey, Entrepreneur

Genre:  Afropop, Trap, African HipHop, EDM

Years Active: 2013 - Present

Label: Bulbinc

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