Why Give Up?

The word 'give up' has done more harm than good to the human race. Although only if you allow it to.

'Give up' has made many people fail like they never started. Not to include they made a move. Show me one who has tried once and say I won't try again, and I'll show you one who has given up.

However, this comes down on an encounter between Barcelona FC and Liverpool FC on May 7, 2019. You may ask yourself, what happened to Barcelona loosing to Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League 2nd leg? I have an answer. Liverpool saw themselves as winner while Barcelona saw themselves as winner too. But one thing goes differently, 'the way they channelled their resilience'.
You can't win if your resilience is channelled with no much focus. And that's what Barcelona did. Their resilience in holding up the advantage they had over Liverpool wasn't good enough. Whereas, Liverpool's resilience was too focused and accurate(with no much distraction of course).

Moreover, Mohamed Salah, Liverpool's hope for survival was ruled out. But Jürgen Norbert Klopp didn't dwell much on his absent. He utilized what was left to use. He made Salah's teammates believe that even without their colleague, they can 'finish' Barcelona. That's resilient attitude.

And in addition, Salah wasn't seeing any word like GIVE UP or LOSE in his mind. That's why he comfortably wore a shirt with an inscription, 'NEVER GIVE UP'. Win or lose, he's NEVER GIVEN UP.

Therefore, whenever life gives you its nuts, crack it. No matter how long it'll take to be achieved. And remember, life itself doesn't care if you give up or not, IT GOES ON.

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